Technical Reports

A New Acoustic Emission Technique for Detecting and Locating Growing Cracks in Complex Structures

An Alternative to Pencil Lead Breaks For Simulation of Acoustic Emission Signal Sources

Acoustic Emission Testing of Cryogenic Vessels "Problems and Solutions"

Acoustic Emission Testing of Structures Exhibiting High Level Vibration and Airborne Noise

Detection of Movement of Termites in Wood by Acoustic Emission Techniques

Elimination of Extraneous Noise Sources from Acoustic Emission Based Termite Detection Instrument by Use of Modal Ratios

Using Acoustic Emission to Monitor Fatigue Cracks on the Bridge at Fast

Location of Leaks in Pipes by Use of Acoustic Emission Modal Ratio Techniques

Modal Analysis of Acoustic Emission Signals

Use of Plate Wave Analysis in Acoustic Emission Testing to Detect and Measure Crack Growth in Noisy Environments

Optimizing Valve Maintenance And Testing Utilizing Acoustic Emmissions (AE) Technology

Developing A Leak Detection System For NPPs

An Oil & Gas Tool Goes Nuclear

Online Valve Monitoring at Ormen Lange Plant