Score Dunegan

Hal Dunegan has been a household name in Acoustic Emissions since the 1960s

His original research at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and subsequent technical publications led to wide-spread acceptance of acoustic emissions as a new tool for non-destructive testing of materials and structures. In fact, most companies currently involved in the field of acoustic emissions can trace their lineage back to this original work.

When the Acoustic Emissions Working Group (AEWG) was formed in 1967 by the world’s leading AE researchers and scientists, Hal was elected as the first chairman. Hal would go on to earn the groups recognition as the first winner of the AEWG “Achievement Award” and election as a “Charter Fellow” in 1982 followed by the groups “Gold Medal” award in 1984.

Along the way, Hal formed Dunegan Research Corporation in 1968 which was later acquired by Endevco in 1972 and operated as Dunegan Endevco where Hal served as president of the Dunegan Division until 1978. Whether running his own small business or a large multinational, Hal was always very “hands-on” with his customers and tirelessly travelled the world to introduce AE technology.

In January 1987 Dunegan Engineering Company, Inc (DECI) was incorporated in California

Hal started producing some of the same basic sensor designs pioneered at Dunegan Research and began creating a new range of advanced sensors and data acquisition equipment. One product in particular creates a unique competitive position for the entire Score Dunegan® product line. The AESMART includes Hal’s proprietary and patented modal ratio analysis method and AE sensor multiplexing which allows multiple AE sensors to be connected along a single cable. This particular product provides a basis for Score to move beyond sensors and leak detection and into providing products and services for testing of piping, pressure vessels, turbines, transformers and other steel structures.

In 2009 Hal sold the DECI line of AE products to Score Atlanta, Inc a wholly owned subsidiary of the Scottish energy services company Score Group Limited. Hal Dunegan continues to provide technical support and remains heavily involved in the business.

Score Dunegan Timeline


Acoustic Emissions Working Group (AEWG) was formed


Dunegan Research Corporation formed


Dunegan Research Corporation acquired by Endevco


Hal leaves Dunegan Endevco


Earns AEWG Achievement Award


Earns Gold Award by the AEWG


Dunegan Engineering Company, Inc (DECI) formed


Hal sells DECI line of AE products to Score Atlanta, Inc