Acoustic Emission Systems

The AESmart 2000 is a portable field instrument, which incorporates our patented modal ratio technology.

Modal ratio filtering efficiently separates unwanted noise sources from the acoustic emission signal and overcomes many of the limitations associated with traditional AE systems. AESmart 2000 is a powerful, scalable and portable solution, suitable for the majority of AE applications.

AESmart 2000 Capabilities

  • Monitor crack like AE events and continuous signals such as leakage
  • Monitor crack growth even in extremely noisy environments
  • Combine 24 data sensors and 24 trigger sensors using multiplexing
  • Monitor a known crack without the use of a guard sensor
  • 6 parametric channels for logging related data (e.g. strain/pressure)
  • Data downloads to Microsoft Excel for easy analysis
Download AESmart 2000 Manual